Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home insurance

Home insurance provides compensation for damage or destruction of a home from disasters. In some geographical areas, the standard insurances excludes certain types of disasters, such as flood and earthquakes, that require additional coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility. The policy may include inventory, or this can be bought as a separate policy, especially for people who rent housing. In some countries, insurers offer a package which may include liability and legal responsibility for injuries and property damage caused by members of the household, including pets.

Also knows as: Real Estate Insurance, Property Insurance


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me more about earth quake home insurance. Is the normal insurance includes this risk?

Bulgarian properties said...

Earth quake risk is included in most insurance plans and you don't have to worry about that. Just make an home insurance and live your life :)

product liability insurance said...

Home insurance is also known as hazard insurance.It is an insurance policy that combines various personal insurance protections, which can include losses occurring to one's home, its contents, loss of its use etc.

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